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Happy New Year, everyone! I am so excited about what 2016 has in store. I have a release coming up on January 19th, and I am certain that if you have enjoyed my other novels, you are sure to love Redeeming Rhys. It is a standalone novel, and it does have dark content throughout the story.

Ashleigh and I are halfway through The Goodbye Girl, Red Market Book 2. You can expect it sometime this spring, and once we are nearing the end, we will announce a release date!

I am also writing a spin-off novella from the Monster Series, Killing Kenji. I am beyond stoked to revisit these characters, and I hope my readers are too!

I am also trucking along writing Mouth, which is also a dark standalone. It is much different than anything else I have worked on. I try to create stories that are both unique and moving, in both good ways and bad, and I have no doubt that Elliotte’s story will bring you to your knees with unease, lust, and many other things! She is coming this spring as well!

I have spoken briefly with some readers how hard it has been working on dark books for such a long period of time. I cannot stand the thought of taking a break, because writing has been my own kind of therapy for as long as I can remember. It’s part of me, just like breathing. I feel like I want to be defined by more than just my darkness, but perhaps, my reader’s will understand that I not only take stories that those are scared of telling, but other ones that are unique. I plan on doing that with a surprise vanilla novel that will release this summer. I hope that you enjoy it. It is not a white picket fence tale, because that is not how I have seen the world, but I thought I could do something a little different. Fear not… it doesn’t mean you won’t cry!!! 😉

Lastly, but definitely not least, thank you so much for your support. I have enjoyed the holidays and spending time with family and friends, decompressing, and relaxing as I get ready to crank out more awesome books for you to enjoy! Remember, live for today because tomorrow is never promised. Carpe diem!

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