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I was a peace offering, a crumbled bridge to a life led by many. From the outside looking in, I was an ordinary girl who never said much, but I secretly wished I could dance over the moon with the stars in my dreams where nothing else mattered. Pain and perfection walked the halls of Sprucewood High School, also known as my downfall. Just when the boy with golden eyes came to save me, my self-destructive ways ruined his kindred heart and the end seemed like the only answer.

I was born unwanted, thrown in an alley and abandoned by my mother. They say memories mean something. In that case, consider my life pitiful. I became angry at the world, seeing hate consume everything around me, including myself.

Until her.

But my jagged edges didn’t match hers, and as much as I tried to make them fit, I wasn’t good enough.

CRUEL is a gut-wrenching look into the realities of adolescence, losing and finding yourself, and first loves.